Good value vacuum furnaces for production and laboratory

 Highly interesting investment cost

 Short term amortisation by in-sourcing

Small vacuum furnaces up to 2200C

Vacuum furnace for brazing, annealing, sintering

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Vacuum furnaces

Horizontal and vertical loading
optional integrated equipment for:
Hardening with gas over pressure / quenching
Hardening in oil bath / quenching
convective pre-heating

Temperature up to 1600C
Insulation / heating elements
Gaphite / molybdenum / tungsten or CrNi
Vacuum down to 10
-7 mbar
Gas pressure up to 10bar (or 12 bar)
with Nitrogen, Ar and gas mixtures


Small vacuum furnaces up to 2200C


 Heat treatment


 Brazing (also Aluminium, Edelstahl)

 Hardening (Gas / oil)




standard Siemens control system.
Electric, pneumatic and alternative
control system according
to customer requirement.


The supplier is one of the fastest growing manufacturer for vacuum furnaces in China.
The company convinces both local and international companies with an outstanding quality and at the same time with a leading ratio price / performance.


For the order of spare parts, maintenance and trouble shooting qualified contact persons are available.


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