Powder metallurgy structure parts

Powder compacting and sizing press

̃ Save cost for investment and operation

̃ optional with semi– or fully automatic handling systems

Powder press for metal, ceramic, hard metal, ferrite

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Powder compacting press

Mechanical presses from 60 to 1200 kN.
On demand 2000 to 8000 kN.
Profit out of significant lower operation costs
for mechanical press compared to hydraulic press

Sizing press

Combination of mechanical press with
hydraulic element: 100to and 200to

Tool adaptor

Also for third party presses of all main
European press manufacturer
steps 1/1 to 3/2

Warm-compacting systems


¨ Powder metal

¨ Ceramic

¨ Ferrit

¨ Hard metal


standard Siemens control system.
Electric, hydraulic, pneumatic and
alternative control system according
to customer requirement.


The supplier produces mechanical powder compacting presses since more than 10 years and is present on all markets. 
In Europe are installed more than 35 presses.

The company is certified according to ISO9000 and the presses are CE-conform.


For the order of spare parts, maintenance and trouble shooting qualified contact persons are available.


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